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Why Should You Hire An Elopement Planner: Is It Really Necessary?

At Drift, we love celebrating elopements— couples who want to really focus on each other, with no other distractions. Couples who choose to share their unique story by breaking traditions in order to honor their uniqueness together. Couples who understand that their day doesn’t have to be a large party for their marriage to be impactful.

Although you may assume eloping comes without worry, it still involves a bit of forethought and planning. Choosing to forgo an elaborate wedding with dozens of vendors, hundreds of guests and even more small details doesn't mean that an elopement is automatically less stressful or overwhelming. There are still details and planning involved, and we believe you shouldn’t have to go at it alone. An elopement might be infinitely simpler to put together than a wedding, but that doesn’t mean a little planning isn’t necessary.

Here’s why we believe an elopement planner can be one of your greatest assets:

They focus on telling your story.

Elopements are meant to be personal and intimate. The right planner design your day to intentionally make your story the focus. Through the location, the floral design and more— your story will be seen.

They are skilled in finding the perfect elopement location. If you’ve ever planned any sort of trip, you know the time and energy it takes. This is a major reason to consider hiring an elopement planner. Your planner will be able to research and scout the most epic location that is just right for you. They also guide you in acquiring the correct licenses and permits needed to make your elopement happen in an off-grid location. I swear elopement planners have magic up their sleeves!

They help and manage your family, even if it’s only a few people. Your focus should be your partner, your love and your marriage. It should not be having to tell your cousin where to sit, or directing your partner when to walk down the aisle, trying to round everyone up for family pictures, serving cocktails/food or cleaning up afterward. Leave these logistical details to the professionals and so you can allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the magic of your day. 

They organize vendor details, create a general timeline and walk with you throughout your day. Your planner is there to make all the confirmation calls and organize when and where the vendors will be on your day. They take care of the coordination so you don't have to. They create a timeline and follow it as loosely or strictly as you desire. They create space for you to relax and enjoy each moment throughout your day.

Insider Knowledge In order to get the best possible experience on your elopement, it stands to reason that you would probably have to spend hours researching what the best locations are, officiants, photographers, florists...the list can go on This is work that shouldn’t have to burden you in the days leading up to the ceremony. Elopement planners have already established connections all over, and know exactly who to go to in order to fulfill your requests. They know the hot spots, the best way to manage your time and the best vendors to get your flowers, music, or anything else you might need or want for your elopement. Since they’ve spent years becoming knowledgeable specifically so they can help their clients, an elopement planner will be able to much more than you could ever do alone, and they’ll do it in half the time.

If you’d like someone to guide you through elopement planning and designing, contact us HERE. We’d love to create an elopement day that is perfect for who YOU are.

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