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What You Lose When You Choose to Not Elope

I won't lie, wild and creative elopements make my heart very happy. There is something so magical about 2 people coming together in earthy and powerful locations to share their vows of love that makes be believe in all the light and good in the world. Okay so, maybe I'm a hopeless romantic but there's so much you lose when you choose not to elope.

Here are some of things you lose when you choose not to elope:

-Precious and private memories

Vows are such a private exchange and it can be intimidating to share that with a room full of people. Keeping things intimate helps create a special bond between you as a couple. If you choose to share in an adventure elopement together, your photographer will be with you to capture those memories.


Brides often spend half of their day running around, rounding up family members for pictures, trying to figure out who is supposed to be where and answering a million questions. Your wedding day should be spent cherishing every moment together and holding hands with your partner. These precious moments are so easily lost in the huste and bustle of traditional weddings. When you elope, you can take the whole day to focus on your love.


Not every elopement has to be adventurous but there is something so special about climbing to the top of a mountain together or hiking deep in a forest to exchange vows by a gentle creek. You'll be starting out your lives together with an absolutely unbelievable experience. Every elopement is different but when you take the time to personalize your time, you'll be making the best out of every second of your day.


According to multiple websites the average cost of a wedding in the US was almost $40,000 and higher for states like California and New York. Let's face it wedding are expensive and though your wedding is one of the most important days of a persons life, you shouldn't have to forsake other things in your life to have your dream day.

What do you think? Is having an elopement sound like it may be for you?

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