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Myth Busting: Elopement Edition

To bust some myths, we should first know what it means to elope.

It used to mean that 2 people ran away to get married in secret creating the connotation that your marriage was somehow shameful. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

A lot has changed when it comes to modern elopements but some stigmas still linger. Let's bust some of those silly myths. Here are 5 elopement myths that we are busting!

Below are the 5 most common elopement myths

#1 Elopement Myth: Elopements are spur of the moment, last minute ideas.

Although that can sometimes be the case, it doesn't have to be! We have booked as little as 2 months ahead although we tend to book out between 6-12 months in advance. Elopements are events just as well thought out as any other wedding.

#2 Elopement Myth: Elopements only include the couple.

Elopements tend to create a lot of intimacy and you can absolutely have your closest friends and family attend your elopement! Elopements tend to be 25 guests or less, any more than that and it becomes a micro-wedding by industry standards.

#3 Elopement Myth: Elopements are less expensive than traditional weddings.

Although elopements tend to be very budget friendly, it's more about the experience you are looking for. Just like traditional wedding van have hundreds of guests on a tight budget, an elopement can rack up just as much as a traditional wedding depending on guest count, location etc.

#4 Elopement Myth: Elopements are rushed and quick.

The beauty of eloping is you can go as elaborate as you would like or keep things quick and simple. Read a letter aloud, play a song, video chat with friends and family, it's all up to you!

#5 Elopement Myth: Elopements aren't as special as traditional weddings.

I think I could argue for days about how elopements might be more special than traditional weddings. Rather than going through your day in a rushed haze, eloping allows you to slow down and be intentional taking the whole experience in.

Eloping is for a couple looking to slow things down and take in every moment. For a couple looking to showcase their love, their way.

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