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Life After Covid- Could This Be The End of Big Weddings?

As life slowly returns to some form of normalcy after Covid-19 and the mass quarantining that took place, it is becoming clear that there may be a "new normal" in some areas of society.

One in particular is how we conduct weddings. Up until now, we never gave a second thought to many common wedding traditions or large gatherings of potentially hundreds of guests. Now however, things are a bit different. Restrictions are constantly changing for wedding venues, though many of those restrictions are hopefully going to be lifted later this year. So that begs the question, what does this mean for the engaged couples and the wedding industry?

Is this the end or a new beginning?

Turns out smaller and more intimate weddings have already been on the rise for the past couple of years. These small weddings are beneficial in a variety of ways. Between all the little details, getting stressed can come easily. Then comes the new added stressors: Are couples and their families going to feel safe surrounded by hundreds of their friends and family? Will guests cancel? Will I lose out on money I've already paid? In terms of weddings, elopements are much easier to plan.

Though big weddings will still be preferred by many couples, others are seeing the benefits and practicality in smaller, more intimate weddings. In a world full of uncertainty, turn your worry into wonder and consider and elopement.

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives wont have a titles until much later."- Bob Goff

So what are the benefits of an intimate elopement in a nutshell?

-Reduced cost (like a lot)

-Less stress

-Less planning

-More intimacy and time to share together in those important little moments

Need I say more?

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