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10 Reasons Why You Should Elope

Who doesn't love a good wedding?? Getting to celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest is something I think we all look forward to. What we don't look forward to is the cash we tend to drop to make that happen. At least there's cake and champagne, amirite?

The wedding industry has been telling us for years what we HAVE to have and let's be real, it's all bullshit. Here are 10 reasons why eloping may be for you.

#1 Weddings can be expensive AF

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding is over $28,000. This number may be fine if you're rolling in it but for the average consumer...YIKES.

On average, an elopement can save you up to 80% in total costs, making it easier to afford your dream ceremony. This means having a beautiful ceremony without breaking the bank. Locale without all of the stress.

#2 Cutting costs means that you could potentially have a destination wedding

Have you always dreamt of getting married on the beach? How about the mountains? #Eloping makes is easier to afford your dream ceremony. You can afford to pick a beautiful place when you aren't having to pay for expensive floral designs, hundreds of people...and their food...and their booze.

#3 It will save your sanity

Planning a wedding can make the most calm, sane and organized bride lose her shit. Between the hassles of choosing tablecloth patterns to invitation designs and guest lists, the decisions can pile on. We're not even going to get into trying to organize a seating chart. Don't forget, Aunt Sally can't sit near Cousin Jenny. Remember what happened last time? This is especially true for those who have a hard time saying no.

#Elopement bundles can relieve some of the decision making fatigue associated with wedding planning while still providing the breathtaking vision you had for your wedding. #DriftElopements provides comprehensive elopement bundles and works with every bride to ensure she has her dream wedding without the stress.

It's fine, I'm fine

#4 A small guest list and bridal party can have certain benefits

Wedding planning is all fun and games until you have to choose a childhood friend over a college one because the cost of having both is too high.

Paying for large parties, their food and drinks and seating arrangements can really add up. To avoid the cost, some brides may be required to choose between guests or family members. But, eloping may help avoid this conundrum. And don't even get me started on trying to figure out which of your family members you can afford to have at your wedding.


#5 Don't worry, you can still have your friends and family there!

When some people think of eloping, they think of a wedding party consisting of two lovers plus a witness stealing a corner of a park for 10 minutes. Nowadays, people are using to use the elopement as a way to have an #Intimateedding.

You still get the flowers, the altar, the glitz and glam. You can still look super gorgeous and have dinner somewhere breathtaking., But instead of paying for 100 people obligatory invites and cousins you haven’t seen in 8 years, you have to think of 10 of the most important people for your life and relationship. And if you say you eloped, obligatory guests won’t be mad they didn’t make the cut. It’s understood. That's a solid compromise to get your immediate family off your back about not having a bigger shindig.

Leslie & Ben 4 ever

#6 Save yourself from becoming a bridezilla/groomzilla

Notice how some people turn into bride- or groomzillas and suddenly everyone hates them? We understand. You just want to have champagne and feel relaxed, but you can’t because your bestie doesn't know how to fold napkins correctly. It’s fine. #Driftelopments gets you, we got it, we’ll handle everything. Let us handle the logistics and go have mimosas. Soak up your beautiful location with your favorite people.

#7 Imagine the stunning photography

There is a reason tons of photographers specialize in elopement photography. When the scenery is effortlessly beautiful and the bride and groom are truly happy, they can capture the most amazing photos. Your backdrop options really open up with a non-traditional wedding. Imagine a starry night in the desert. The waves kissing the shoreline as you say I do. You are only limited by your own imagination.

To top it off, they get to travel to beautiful locations and enjoy their experiences as well. Added perk for you:they can also serve as your witness! Win freaking win.

Long live Stefon

#8 Things are less likely to go wrong

There's only two people to worry about! No rain problems forcing you to move a 200-person outdoor wedding inside. No cake toppling over. No maid of honor getting drunk and uncontrollably crying about still being single during her speech.

And even if some unexpected crisis does threaten your serenity, we got it. #Driftelopements will corrall that sweet, drunk bestie of yours and give her the pep talk she needs to keep it together. And even if one of you got cold feet, you have no one to notify and everyone get’s a vacay! That's good news, right?

Uhm...congrats Darlene and Lunn?

#9 You can always have a reception later

Trying to plan a ceremony and a reception with hundreds of guests can be overwhelming. There are too many things happening, decisions to be made, people to greet and let's not forget the nerves! If you plan to #partyrock your way after ceremony, your stress level will most likely go way down. Some couples choose to have a mini reception at a later date, some choose to have a nice dinner with their friends and family. Some hit the club and dance the night away, the options are endless and unique to you and yours.

Party like a rockstar

#10 You actually get to spend the day together

Have breakfast in bed then spend the day at the beach or hit up a winery. Whether you choose for it to be just the two of you or to involve your closest friends and family, you'll make timeless memories and the best part, you'll have your best friend by your side.

the logistics are being handled, the guests are being corralled. You have worked with the planner to execute your vision and your only job is to enjoy it.


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