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Welcome! I'm Frankie, the owner and a creative behind everything Drift. I'm the first person you talk to when booking and the final say in all things design and planning.

I started Drift Elopements after almost 10 years of working just about every aspect of weddings and events. I saw a need for not just affordable weddings but affordable weddings that are modern, elevated and updated.

I grew up in beautiful Austin, Texas where I currently reside with my little family. They are my biggest supporters and are perpetually pushing me to trust my gut and let my imagination run wild.

My love for style and design, coupled with the knowledge I've gained over the years gives me a special knack for intimate elopements and micro-weddings.


I love to craft, to create. I enjoy gardening, painting, thrifting and at any given moment you can find me listening to Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles.

I will stop at nothing to create the most stunning elopement, event or photoshoot you've ever seen. I put my heart into Drift Elopements and I believe that is reflected in everything we do. 

moder and creative elopement planner
owner and creative elopement planning



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